Flying to NO, LA


Greetings, All!

I am writing to you from the mystical land of the Baltimore-Washington International Airport (though I believe the locals refer to it as BWI). My fight to New Orleans is for 8:30 so I figured now would be as good a time as any to update my blog.

— As a quick sidenote, I’m tapping into my hipster-self today. I’m handwriting this post on my iPad (thanks to a handy app called 7 Notes) while drinking an iced coffee from Starbucks. I’m also in pastel, purple skinny jeans, a long, white. polka dot shirt, and a black fedora hat. Oh! And my glasses are thick-rimmed and purple with sparkles. I didn’t join the Hipster movement. The Hipster movement joined me. 😛


I’m so sorry for falling off the radar these past weeks. Life has a funny way of kidnapping me like that. However, it gave me a lot of writing material !

And once I get back from New Orleans I will share it all with you! I hate to dip out on you all like this, but I promise I didn’t forget about this blog!



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