Back from the Lovely State of Louisiana!


A very brief, but definitely worthwhile visit.


I went because my mom is there now and for the past few weeks due to job training. Being the loving family that we are, my dad, brother, and I packed up and flew down for Mother’s Day weekend. While my brother and dad turned it into a long weekend, I flew in on Saturday morning and back Sunday afternoon. Still, I support my earlier statement.

Upon arrival, my mom and I went out to a jazz-themed brunch in the French Quarter.

Court of the Two Sisters!

They seated us right next to the jazz band who played songs I loved and songs I fell in love with. Even though I was supposed to be eating, I couldn’t help but takes moments to sway to the music and just wishing for a handsome Cajun to sweep me off my feet. Unfortunately, my handsome Cajun was still in Maryland, working hard and studying for finals.  The musicians served as my amusement, making pointed glances at me during solos and expecting applause specifically from me after songs. It was great fun. My mom and I loved it. The food was also very delicious… not to detract from the true purpose of the Court of the Two Sisters. My mom and I went to town on the buffet line-up, loading our plates with all the Creole/Cajun food that we could find. We were stuffed! If I ate anymore, I would’ve needed new pants while I was down there.

Perhaps these?


This food outing marked the beginning of my weekend’s obsession with crawfish.

On most vacations I take, there is a food item I eat consistently throughout the trip. In my tour around New England, I had lobster (sandwich, steamed, ravioli). In my tour around the United Kingdom, it was potatoes (mashed, fried, steamed, baked). In the Philippines, rice was the trend (grain and noodles).

New Orléans was crawfish:

Crawfish Etoufee

Steamed Crawfish

Crawfish Remoulade

Crawfish Po-Boy

Yea…I have a weird vacation quirk, but my tummy was happy!

We decided the best way to work off all this food was to wander through the streets of the French Quarter where there were obvious signs of its time when the Spanish and French owned Louisiana. I could see how so many stories are set in this town. There’s an eerie charm about the locale. Each building, alleyway, and road looks like a setting straight out a thriller/supernatural/mystery tale. The cracks on the floor and the decaying walls, worn away to show the brick behind, show the city’s age and hint at all the trials its inhabitants suffered. The beads hanging from the trees and the paintings staring at you through gallery windows reveal the celebratory nature of this city while the tall white churches and old Spanish architecture show the city’s resilience. It wasn’t very difficult to see why so much artwork, songs, and stories come out of New Orléans. This city has no limits as to what it can do…what it can withstand.

I texted my boyfriend, a native Louisianan, “Interested and charming” when he asked what I thought in my first impression. I left with the same thought.

Definitely worth a weekend getaway.

And definitely worth every penny to spend it with my family on Mother’s Day.

But it’s good to be home.

[All images were found on the first page of Google Images. Thank you, Google!]


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