New Job


This weeks marks my first few days of my new job! I’m now working for one of the major publishing houses in the United States. It’s an entry level job, but it’s my in and I can’t wait to find out all I can learn! Also, it’s a major bonus to be back in the book industry. I was starting to feel a little antsy about that, to be honest. I love working around books and it killed me to be in an office where half the people weren’t big on reading the other half read a very limited amount. On top that, my personal views on books weren’t shared with the office as a whole. It was a little alienating.

Anyway, my new job was blessed with wonderful winter weather my first day. By wonderful, I mean dreaded for native Northerners. As a displaced Northerner, I’m still in my “this is what real snow looks like” phase. A little sad, I know, but I get so excited whenever I see snow fall. Living in the warm south for nine years does that to a person.

What I found to be a blessing was actually a curse for almost the whole office. Everywhere I turned, someone was grumbling about the snow. My trainer groaned about her future drive home in the snow, my future officemate whined that her starting date should’ve been in spring, and the HR lady exclaimed, “You couldn’t have picked a worse day to start!”

I nervously chuckled in response to all the moaning and groaning because, honestly, winter weather driving isn’t the worse driving out there. The worst, in my opinion, is driving after a football game with all the “not drunks” swerving the road on the way to the after-party.

It’s all a matter of perspective, really. What is a blessing to others is a curse to many more…and vice-versa. People’s outlooks on life are relative to past experiences. I think that’s part of the reason I love books so much. I get to jump into someone else’s perspective —both fantastical and realistic– and learn what life is like somewhere else. What’s one of the reasons you like reading books?


2 thoughts on “New Job

  1. A job in one of the major publishing houses, wow! Congratulations. 🙂 I know as you said it is only a basic job but half the battle is getting through the door. Good luck!

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