Apple Turnover Blessings


First off, I have to thank you, dear readers, for liking and following my blog after my last post. I felt like you all validated my message by doing so and that made me more motivated than ever. Thank you!

Now to my story…

This weekend I received an invitation to a pre-thanksgiving party, hosted by a co-worker. Every year they celebrate thanksgiving early win friends and then again with family. According to my co-worker, she said it was a tradition, spanning back to her college years (she is in her early 30s).

For a while, people sampled my baking and hyped up to others how great I was at making apple-flavored anything. Not wanting to disappoint, I bought a bag of apples and got started!

For those curious, I used the recipe from One Sweet Appetite, which I found through Pinterest. I only deviated slightly, making them smaller than the recommended size and using a honey glaze.

As I went through the process (and on a high from my “On Persistence” post), I realized how well baking serves as a metaphor for life’s challenges.

Like anything, you need to put in and mix up all the compenents necessary for the endgame.


Apples, cinnamon, and sugar, oh my!

And then you have to set them up for all the heat they are bound to take.


…and sometimes they don’t seem quite together before the onslaught.


What’s worse is they sometimes bust open under presure.


However, the optimist still finds beauty in everything. Sure they aren’t perfect, but, if you drizzle a little love on top (or honey), they’ll come out just fine.


These little babies disappeared quickly at the party.


2 thoughts on “Apple Turnover Blessings

    • Thank you! I wanted to try a different writing approach so I’m really glad you liked it πŸ™‚ I don’t think I can do that all the time, but glad to know it works.

      Also, if you have the free time, you should definitely try the recipe out. The ingredients are simple and easy to obtain. I think the most time consuming part was putting the apples in each little square and closing them up. Very tasty end result though πŸ™‚

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