Dewey’s Read-a-Thon 2013!


In an effort to get more involved in the blogosphere and to find an excuse to read all day, I entered Dewey’s Read-a-Thon ( For 24 hours I will do nothing but read.


No Video Games

Just me, the blog,, and my books— I have a lot to read!

This morning, I started off with trying to pick a book to start the day off with. I went into a minor purge of reading this week so that I could tackle on this day full force!

At first I wanted to read mystery novels because I have a ton of them, but an equally large amount of excuses as to why I can’t read them. Then my eyes fell on my collection of Jane Austen. After seeing so many happy things go on in my life, I felt the best way to continue on with this is to read Emma (a novel I have yet to read). Yes, in terms of read-a-thons I know it’s probably not the smartest idea to read a classic first since they are usually not easy reads, but I’m motivated to see this through and will read Emma until the end.

However, one cannot start off the read-a-thon with an empty stomach. So I made a proper breakfast of eggs, hams, potatoes, and coffee. While eating, I read the first chapters and can already see what’s in store for Emma…what a troublemaker! Already planning to take control of poor Harriet Smith’s life. I wish Miss Smith luck

Eggs, Ham, and Potatoes With, of course, Coffee & Emma

Eggs, Ham, and Potatoes With, of course, Coffee & Emma


Back to Reading!


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