Gamer Girl


After reading something so detailed as A Game of Thrones, I grabbed something a little lighter and with a higher chance of a happy ending. So I turned to young adult fiction. Specifically, I opened up Gamer Girl.

Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi

Gamer Girl is about a teenage girl named Maddy who moves out of Boston, MA to the suburbs with her newly divorced mom. A free-spirited, Hot Topic-shopping, manga-loving girl now must adjust to living with her unicorn-collecting, conservative grandmother and attending a school full of “Aberzombies.” In this new world, Maddy will discover more about herself than ever before and it begins with when her father buys her Fields of Fantasy, also known as World of Warcraft to us in the real world.

Like any other teen drama novel, Maddy doesn’t initially succeed in finding her niche until halfway through and spends the rest of the novel trying to keep it.

Marcusi has a clear understanding of a nerdy girl navigating through high school. Yours truly was one of these girl so reading about Maddy felt more like a blast from the past versus an introduction into a new teenage stereotype. Maddy was an incredibly relatable teenager—moody, looking for love and acceptance, and yearning for adulthood. Marcusi also creates a believable, though stereotypical, high school environment and eerily replicates the stress of divorce. She also put together batch of nerds I recognize from college. Not to mention an incredible amount of knowledge on video games and manga.

I really enjoyed this novel. Yes, I predicted the ending by chapter five and the ending was sweeter than a mouthful of maple syrup. However, I enjoyed the story. It was fun which made it an easy read. I finished it over the weekend and closed the book with a smile.

I highly recommend this book to hopeless romantic nerds and lovers of happy endings. Realists stay away.


Next Book: The Great Gatsby. Time to read a Classic 🙂


4 thoughts on “Gamer Girl

  1. Love it. It you ever find yourself in a the mood for something similar, check out Twice Shy by Patrick Freivald. It had just the right balance between light YA fare and deeper emotional exploration for me. The ending was anything but sweet, however.

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