Forbes Backs Up Writers


My friend sent me this awesome list published on Forbes’ website where they list 6-figure salary jobs you might be surprised to learn about. Guess what’s on the list twice? WRITERS!

There are two writers groups the list has: technical writers (ones that write instructional manuals) and writers (you know, like bloggers/novelists/etc). I thought it was a really neat article and that I’d share it with my readers.

Here’s the link:



In other news of this Fidgety Writer, I got a full-time job! Whoohoo!! It’s not in the writing field (Admin Assistant), but it’s something. Not many graduates in today’s society can safely say they get a full-time job right out of college, especially not English majors. They’re more likely to be sitting in coffeehouses writing, which is something I desperately need to get back to.

Since I got up to Maryland, my writing habits have changed for the worse. That isn’t to say that my writing habits were good when I was in college. They were terrible. I hardly ever got a moment to write my own stuff when I was too busy writing papers for class. However, now writing has started to become a “when it is convenient” sort of thing. I put it off, but then complain when I don’t write like some cosmic power in the universe is trying to stop me. In reality, it’s me that doing all the sabotaging.

I wonder if many writers come to this point. A point just out of college where suddenly paying the bills becomes more important that writing. Paying the bills could be anything from waiting tables to working at the front desk of some nice company to teaching. I wonder how many of them say “oh, well we’ll write later—when we get a chance,” yet that chance never comes.

I’m worried I will fall into this trap. However, I’m hoping that my living situation will help with opening myself up to writing on the weekends. I’m living with my aunt which means no rent, no utilities, and the only expenses are ones I accumulate on my own accord like gas or notebooks to write in. Perhaps taking that stress off my back will make it easier to allot a great amount of time to write.

When I first got up here, I knew I had a job, but it was part-time. I knew that I needed something full-time. It was time to grow up, you know? So I madly combed through the Baltimore Sun,, and CareerBuilder. This left very little time for any writing. My mindset was: if I had free time, I could be job-hunting.

Then, it happened.

God smiled on me and got me a promotion in my small part-time job. Now, I’m a big kid. Hopefully, 9-5 on the weekdays will equal out to free weekends to do whatever I want …as well as a couple hours a night. Here’s to hoping I’ll be making that six-figure salary in the future!


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