Mockingjay…I know, took me long enough…


So I FINALLY finished Mockinjay and, as a result, I concluded my journey through Panem. Warning: SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD!

What took me so long you may ask? It isn’t that I wanted to prolong the inevitable. I read Catching Fire in like three days. It’s because I was bored. Please, Hunger Games fans, don’t kill me. I love the I Hunger Games. A lot. However, Mockingjay left me wanting more.
I think part of the appeal with the first two was that Suzanne Collins created a world where she introduced us to Katniss who took us through the Districts, the Capitol, and two Hunger Games all while Collins crafted the words beautifully for our minds. However, in Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins decides to destroy everything she built up in the last two books, district by district until she gets to the Capitol where she decides to pull a J. K. Rowling or a George R.R. Martin on her characters. I normally don’t have a problem with”pulling a Rowling” and I love watching Joss Whedon’s work, knowing full well he will take away my favorite (R. I.P. Wash, Penny, and Paul Ballard). However, I saw no reason why Collins decides to kill off so many people. I understand the explosion at the end. Plot-wise, I get it. However, the amount of deaths that occur is almost unnecessary. Rowling killed off people to drive Harry to sacrifice himself completely for the sake of his friends. This will, in turn, keep him alive.
The audience is fully aware of Katniss’ motivation from Book 1 to Book 3. She fought for past, present, and future atrocities. Unlike Harry, Katniss didn’t need to see anymore deaths. She knew what dying is like. She lived in the worst District where she was on the brink of starvation for as far back as she could remember. Thus, killing people off to motivate her is unnecessary. Killing people off to make her feel alone is also silly. Katniss is happiest alone. I think you guys are getting the point.

I, personally, think that she just gave up. I mean, she didn’t give up enough to stop(though I’m sure a contract served as”inspiration”), but I think she was ready to be done when she got to the last part.
I don’t know…maybe it’s just me and the few friends who agree. However, I was disappointed with how Mockingjay ended. I felt it could have been handled better. I think she could have done more with the material, but didn’t for some reason.
I still love The Hunger Games–always have, always will–and I think Mockingjay is a fine conclusion to the book series. I liked the ending and District 13 was intriguing, especially the people. I liked the direction Katniss went in terms of character development and I liked how most characters(the live ones, that is)ended up.

I also like Suzanne Collins’ writing style. I think I picked up a few things I want to use in my own work someday.


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