So job hunting has taken a huge priority to me now and I haven’t been as pro-active with this blog as I would like.  But, thanks to a handy app I got, I think-hope-that I can balance both.*Fingers Crossed*
So about this Moving ordeal…
I gave myself a few challenges during this move compared with past moves. I’ve moved a bit in my 21 years of life. No, I’m not an Army brat (though I do know a few). My dad’s jobs just moved us up and down the East Coast. This move–from Athens, GA to Pikesville, MD–was one more or less by my lonesome. If that wasn’t enough of a challenge, I decided to throw A LOT of stuff away. I’m a bit of a pack-rat. My boyfriend couldn’t stop teasing me about how much stuff I have as he helped me throw it all away. I doubt I would have been able to throw it away on my own. I’m a couple of steps away from hoarder territory. Ha!

One thing I didn’t have the heart to do was throw away any of my books. I mean, really, throw away my books? Impossible! This meant I had ten boxes filled with books. Some may say that owning that much of one thing is crazy. I tell them,”Nonsense, poopy pants!”(Brownie points to those who get the reference) I have a dream: that one day I will have so many books that all the walls in my(imaginary)office are Covered floor to ceiling with books of every shape and size, leather and cloth-bound, mass market and bigger. All will be organized by genre and the alphabetized by author(can you tell that I worked in a bookstore, yes?)
Anyway, this dream will happen one day. It’ll happen after, you know, my 5th bestseller. But for today, it’s job-hunting for that entry-level-straight-out-of-college job.
Until next time…

Harry Potter protects my boxes of books!


3 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Yay for the books! I just find it so hard to throw books away! I may or may not be moving to Uni this year (depending on the grades I get) and I’m really not looking forward to having to pick a small amount of books to go with me. I will miss my bookshelf dearly. 😦

    P.S. Sorry for spamming your imbox with all these comments, it’s too long since I’ve visited your blog! 🙂

    • Are you kidding? I love all these comments! I’m glad you like my blog this much 🙂
      And I fell your pain with the “small amount of books” problem. It’s like ripping a part of your heart and leaving it with them. I found some comfort in the books I was forced to leave behind because I gave them to a bookworm.

      Would you be able to leave them some place where you can access them at a later date?

      • Haha phew 🙂

        Yeah I will be able to leave them somewhere that I can access later thank goodness! It’s just that I’m so used to being surronded by all my lovely books, I’m going to miss them so! Often if I get stressed about stuff I can just look at my bookshelf and I go into this happy daze lol. I’m thinking maybe I should take a picture of it and blow it up big and stick to my wardrobe or something! Teehee. 🙂

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