Tapping into the Inner Child


There’s a clearance sale going on in the store (I can’t speak for any other one except for the one I work so don’t get too excited) which is awesome for many reasons. One of those reasons is that there are always at least five different craft kits on sale and at least one awesome coloring book. However, I’m a recent grad with not a lot to say about her wallet so I had to choose one. I chose the coloring book. Why? Two words: Disney Princesses

My coloring book with the obligatory purchase of a 64 pack of crayons

Okay, maybe not everyone can understand my intense love for Disney Princess and are scratching their heads wondering why I didn’t get the Clay Monsters Kit or the Friendship Bracelets Kit. First, I already have a friendship bracelet kit. Second, clay monsters are cool, but I’m too messy to make that worth while. Third, it starts when I was born.

I blame my dad. He is, though he may not openly admit it, a bit of a romantic. When The Princess Bride came out on VHS (yea! Remember those things?), I started watching it because he loved it. When I learned to talk, I was declaring favorites and already repeating “As you wish.” Naturally, my conscience 3-year-old self moved her interested to the beautiful Disney Princesses and in 1995, my fate was sealed. My first love was Pochantas. She was strong, fierce and she had a couple hotties chasing after her love. She also had a beautiful singing voice and ran around in the woods much like I did. AND she had a pet raccoon. How cool was that?

However, no one really considers her a Disney Princess even though she technically is….

So I moved on. I was a girl determined to wear pink and believed that some day my prince will come while reading the kid-friendly version of Hans Christian Anderson’s and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. My next love, and an everlasting one at that, was Belle. She was a bookworm! With a fuzzy beast! And Cute helpers! And that library he gave her was pretty amazing. What was not to love? From there, my Disney Princess obsession grew.

I think I can safely say that I’ve watched every Disney animated film from the 90s at least twenty times. Anything before, maybe at least of five. Anything after…well, that’s an interesting rant for another time.

I still watch Beauty and the BeastPochantas and any other movie that strikes my fancy to this day. After prom, while everyone went to get drunk, I went home with my best friend and we watched Beauty and the Beast. In college, my friends and I had “sing-along” nights that included Disney movies and towards the end of my college career, I would host “Wine and Pixar” nights which were exactly as awesome as they sound like. Yes, go ahead and use it for your next party. It’s classy and cute. Who wouldn’t want to go?

My point is that my child-like self has never left. I’m still coloring and watching movies I watched when I was one. I’m still singing Disney songs and believe in happily ever after…

…and I have to say, my coloring is pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “Tapping into the Inner Child

  1. Awwwwh I LOVE that you went for the colouring book! I love Disney, and I always will. I still feel the same powerful wave of emotions each time I watch one of their films. It’s funny, when I was younger I never really took to Belle, I don’t know why she just wasn’t one that stood out to me. But now, Belle is my favourite Disney princess. I relate to her in more ways than one, for instance, my friends see me as the (potentially sickly) sweet friend that always looks for the best in people etc, and that’s kind of like Belle, and then of course there is the fact that she loves books! I love that scene where she’s singing walking along with her book not looking where she’s going, I do that all the time lol! (the reading not the singing :L)

    Great post!

    • Haha! I read and sing and never watch where I’m going! Also, I’m totally the same way when it comes to being that sweet friend who looks for the best in everyone and I agree that is very much like Belle. However, unlike me, she’s good at picking out the jerks easily (Gaston). My jerk-dar is a little wonky >.< But thank you for the comment and compliments! I'm glad I have a fellow Disney-Belle fan on wordpress!

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