I graduated!!!


Hey all!

So sorry for going AWOL for a while. I was finishing up my undergraduate degree in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis.

Wheeee!!!! Graduation!

I have a lot of blogs to read/catch up on and a lot to talk about.

The first thing I plan to talk about is a really cool tradition at the University of Georgia.

The arches I’m standing under, in this picture, are almost like a rite of passage for all graduates. The belief is, “If you walk under the arches before you graduate, you don’t graduate from the University of Georgia.” Silly, right? We’re insane to think that our entire college career is all dependent on not  walking through pillars of iron painted black.

But I wasn’t one to test this.

I, like many other people, navigated the steps around the Arches before graduation. If you were to walk over there, you’d notice the stone steps on either side of the Arches are really worn down in comparison to the middle steps. People-watching by these Arches is also really funny because you will see college students stop dead in their tracks before the Arches and immediately take a detour around them like walking through them will give them the Bubonic Plague.

There is a large upside to navigating your journey around the Arches while you’re at the University of Georgia.

When you graduate from there, you get a HUGE sense of accomplishment from walking through them and taking a picture underneath them. It’s like a physical representation (beyond the diploma) that you are done. You have endured terrible and fantastic professors and dealt with the craziness that comes from putting 35,000 people, between the ages of 18-22, in the same small town. Right now, most of  my fellow graduates have a picture on their Facebook Wall with them underneath the same Arches. It’s something UGA students do together just before we separate to our real world duties…our “after college” life. Some of us will turn right around and cross the threshold for grad school while others will leave Athens for other, possibly better, opportunities.

And me?

I’m moving on and out. After this picture was taken, I stripped off that black gown and went to dinner with my friends and family where we discussed my new job as a Marketing Assistant in Baltimore that I will start next month. It’s not a lot, but it’s my next step. Also, it’s good for bill-paying until I finish the next Great American Novel. Okay, okay, maybe not the next great American novel, but I can dream.


3 thoughts on “I graduated!!!

  1. Wow congratulations! That’s such a great acheivement. 🙂
    Also I love the tradition, any ideas where it originated from? Did some hugely intelligent person walk through it and then not graduate? Haha.

    • Thank you! 🙂

      I have no idea where it came from. During orientation, the background to the tradition was simply, “It has been long accepted that crossing through the Arches…” No one knows, but everyone knows a friend who knows someone who went under the Arches and never graduated. hehe. My boyfriend crossed the Arches and then said, “Well I’m graduating from another college, not UGA!”

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