The Midterms are Ova!


Midterms are finally over! Yay!

I have to say that as much as I lover writing long-hand, my fright had is about a hair’s away from rioting. The downside to English midterms, and the upside in some cases, is that the midterms are mostly essay based. The upside is because they are essay based you can’t really have a wrong answer as long as you can prove your point.

I think midterms are more brutal than finals. At least with finals you have no other classes to go to while you taking them and can just focus on studying 24/7. Midterms, however, take place during normal class hours and not one teacher takes into account that you have better things to do then do the assigned reading…like study for the midterm after their class. It’s quite insane really. I’m so glad that it’s done. Taking six classes and working a part-time job make every morning during midterms look like this:

this was even after coffee...

So the Friday after midterms I celebrated by going to see Second City Company. A really great comedy show that deserves its own blog posting. I laughed really hard. Anyway, for anyone reading this who also had midterms, how’s it going for you?


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