Learning Ally with Sea Legs


For little boys everywhere

I just got back from a 4 1/2 hour volunteer session where I recorded an amazing book called Sea Legs by Alex Shearer. It’s an adorable young reader’s novel about these twins who sneaks aboard a cruise ship to spend time with their dad who is a steward on board. However, because they don’t want to get their Dad into trouble, they plan to avoid being seen by him for three weeks on the boat. It sounds silly, and it kind of is, but there are some seriously cute moments between the two brothers and the narrator (Eric, the older of the two by five minutes) has quite the personality! If you know of any little boy who’s an avid reader or if you just want to reach into your inner child, definitely give this book a shot. I didn’t get to finished it so don’t spoil anything!

For those of you who haven’t heard about Learning Ally….

Great place to volunteer!

Learning Ally is an organization that records book for the blind and those with learning disabilities. It’s a non-profit organization and there’s in the one in my city, Athens, GA. They rely on volunteers to do a lot of the recording. I, of course, am one of these volunteers and they records books ranging from novels you’d buy off the shelves at Barnes and Noble to textbooks one would need for class. Each recording session is about an hour and a half long. They also entice you with cookies. Mmmm…

This week is a special week for them called “Rec0rd-a-Thon” where they try to keep all their booths filled with people recording books for as long as the place stay open for during the day (goal being 24/7  for the week). They make it a fun event where there are door prizes for those who record and those who give a minimum of $10. A lot of people get involved with this including local celebrities and authors who will record their own books. Supposedly, Terry Kay came over to read his latest book, The Greats of Cuttercane. One of the door prizes is a signed copy of his book!

Volunteering for them is a really rewarding experience and I feel like a million and one bucks now.


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