The Frankenstein Scarf


Fidgety knitting produces a pretty scarf 😀

Here’s the pattern:

I didn’t realize that it was a wordpress blog until after I started up this particular post. Cool!

Also, I used a size 10 needle instead of the smaller, recommended one. It still turned out soft and my roommate loves it!

So here’s the story:

My fidgety self realized that knitting while reading a book prevents me from destroyed the pages by playing with the corners until the book looks like a toddler christened it into their kingdom. So the books end up looking better and I get a nice scarf at the end. The first scarf I finished was while I was reading the lovely book, The Victim of Prejudice, by Mary Hays. I don’t have a picture of it because I didn’t realize how much fun it was until I cracked open Frankenstein and decided to make another scarf for my roommate. He said all of his scarves were at his family’s home so it was only natural for me to make him a new one! Especially when it just so freezing in Georgia 😛

The scarf turned out really soft. I’m really proud of this one considering I’m still new to the whole knitting thing, but there was something that came rather unexpectedly from this: I realized how much I love Frankenstein. Somehow I was able to pay attention more towards the details that Shelley put into her book and I was able to sympathize with the appropriate characters (though I still will always have a soft spot for Victor). Why Frankenstein? I have a class on 19th century British novels which means that the “Jane Eyre Afgan” will be coming soon. However, because it’s an afgan it might be a hybrid of Jane Eyre and The Woman in White


4 thoughts on “The Frankenstein Scarf

  1. Even more appropriate that you knit the scarf I designed while reading Frankenstein, because my last name is Fleckenstein … so similar to Frankenstein. (I am the author of where you found the pattern for the scarf.)

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