I fidget too much


I do regret being so fidgety

Disclaimer: I’m incredibly hyped up on caffeine right now.

True story: I started up a blog called “Bookseller and Writer.” However, I got bored with it because I set my parameters too tightly. I don’t work well with boundaries. I took a class a few semesters ago where I spent the entire time blurring social boundaries in literature (good class). I also had a hard time putting my personality within the writing and the blog started to feel more like homework instead of something fun I can do on the side. This new blog is my attempt to do what the first one couldn’t.

I have no real theme for the blog, but I do have some trends that I will probably keep up with in future posts:

  • reading
  • writing
  • science (and its fictional side)
  • knitting
  • hopeless romantic ideals
  • fidgeting

One of the definitions of fidgety means “creating an unnecessary fuss.” I hope to create as much of an unnecessary fuss as possible!


4 thoughts on “I fidget too much

  1. Hiya, nice to ‘meet’ you. I was attracted to your page on Book Blob my the adorable puppy picture haha. Sounds like your blog is going to be good, I hope you enjoy it more than your previous one. 🙂 Happy blogging!

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